just another confused pilgrim (cynicallynaive) wrote,
just another confused pilgrim

Typical ADD kid....

I forgot to post the other entry.

This is just a repost of something i posted yesterday on an ADD forum site. I don't actually feel this way at the moment, and in fact i realize that the way i'm made is a blessing, not a curse, but nevertheless:

Why can't I have a "normal" disability?

I know this is really awful, and I'll probably regret posting this, but it's how I feel right now.

Days like this I almost would rather have a "normal" disability. I understand that I'm blessed not to be blind, to have full use of my body, not to have another sort of LD, etc. But it seems in the case of other disabilities, there's at least some element of empathy and willingness to accomodate those who suffer. In my case, people think, "You're intelligent, and obviously just lazy, so why should we cut you any slack?"

If I could just turn off my brain and be mediocre, I'd probably get through life with a lot less effort. In theory I might not be as happy being mediocre, but mediocrity has a hell of a lot to recommend it over eccentricity.
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