just another confused pilgrim (cynicallynaive) wrote,
just another confused pilgrim

My crazy life

Well, i'm still at my temp job, but winding it down. That's because the contracting job, the Web development one, is basically a go. I worked in their office two days this week, and i think it's at the point where going in full time is the way to maximize the probability that I get enough work. So next week i was planning to basically resign from my temp job on Monday (when my boss comes back) and maybe negotiate a transition if they want to.

But wait, that's far too simple to end the story there. Yesterday i got a call from a recruiter, and told him that i was very close to giving a commitment for the contracting job. He was seeking to fill a full-time position, and he managed to arrange a phone screen for me today leading to a job interview next Monday! So I'm going to come in to my temp job, discuss transition, and then head to Boston for this interview.

So yeah, i should be in a great mood, but instead i feel sooooo worn out. Must have been the 100-lb rolls of vinyl i was trying to weigh at my temp job. :-)
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