just another confused pilgrim (cynicallynaive) wrote,
just another confused pilgrim

Sic semper tyrannis?

As you listen to your local self-imagined "conservative" give an apologia claiming it's all right for the President to help himself to powers denied by the Constitution, because after all it's just keeping us safe in the "War on Terror", consider this: F.B.I. Watched Activist Groups, New Files Show

So Greenpeace or PETA or whomever can be lumped in with the terrorists. Doesn't matter because it's just a bunch of pinko liberals, and besides, we can trust the nanny state to keep us safe. Freedom? To paraphrase Sen. Cornyn from TX, who needs civil liberties when you're dead? (The Founding Fathers must be welling up with pride.) It's baffling to me, because I remember actually being afraid that Clinton was using Executive Orders to take away our liberties. And it's like these so-called "conservative" sheep have totally lost the plot, totally forgotten that truly conservative defense of liberty requires extreme jealousy (in the original sense), extreme suspicion of anyone who would dare interfere with that liberty. But apparently now all you have to do is say you're Christian and that you talk to God, and the whole Christian Right is willing to sell its birthright for a bowl of red stew.... well, at least for the promise of stability and safety.

So yeah, enough of that rant. Me? Things are going well. I have a great job, even though it's a bit disorganized at times. Things are developing with a wonderful long-distance romantic interest. Christmas is coming. I have an adorable niece that's a little over 4 months old, and i'm going to get to see my family in Connecticut. Life is good.
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